Mary Sayre’s art is clearly inspired by her love of water and nature. A master scuba diver and sailor, Mary has developed a deep reservoir of imagery to draw from. Inspiration comes in many forms, from diving on a reef in Cozumel to watching the sun dance on the waves breaking on the bow of her sailboat.

Mary’s love of painting started as a young girl but gave way to a more profitable career in design and glass.

Mary’s career began while living on the island of Port Aransas, Texas specializing in etched designs on luxury yachts and sport fishing yachts. She collaborated with a variety of yacht interior designers working for Bertram, Hatteras, and Broward Custom Yachts, among others.

In the Grand Rapids area Mary’s designs can be found in a variety of public places from restaurants, the River City Building and American Seating Co. to Saint Alphonsus, Catholic Church, Betz Industries, and Great Lakes Shipping Co. in Kalamazoo. She is one of the team of three talented artists who created the magnificent, etched glass panels in Bridgewater Place (in downtown Grand Rapids) which recreates historic scenes of the city.
Coming full circle she is now dedicated to work that reflects her life and love of painting. Her mediums include watercolors and acrylics on marble.

Mary works in an original and innovative art form that combines sculpted marble and painted imagery: She shapes exquisite natural marble and paints images utilizing the color and lines of the marble to create the image.

A master scuba diver and sailor Mary shares the mysterious and beautiful world found underwater in many of her watercolor paintings. “The way the color and light interplay underwater is an amazing gift to behold and I try to relay that feeling in my paintings.”